Cool finds: Something to watch every night.

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Cool finds: Something to watch every night.

Go ahead, make my day.

Our favorite shows on TV are coming to an end (or season finale) in the upcoming months. True, summer shows will begin but we all know it can’t beat our favorites such as: The Walking Dead, Duck Dynasty, Modern Family, and so forth( yes the list goes on and on). If you find yourself having trouble find something to watch during the warm summer nights, then maybe you should check out this great site.

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The good people over at Good Films, have compiled a great list of things you can find on online services such as Netflix, Itunes, Hulu (and Hulu Plus), and Amazon. Good Films will sort the list by genre, ratings, and popularity; ultimately giving you advance searches to an unlimited database.

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You can check out the best things to watch on each service individually or all together. With a created account – or sign in with your Facebook, you are able to compile movies and create queues for all streaming services as oppose to doing it within one service.

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Good Films also has an awesome search feature that lets you search all the different streaming services and provide purchase or rental information if what you are looking for isn’t under a subscription service.

Unless you’re planning on traveling this summer (check out my travel tips here), Good Films should have you covered until your favorite shows return in September.

Side note: The Walking Dead returns in October (might become a zombie before then!)

You can check out Good films HERE. Price: FREE

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