Cool finds: Dark Energy Reservoir.

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Cool finds: Dark Energy Reservoir.

Big power in small package

Something I tend to collect are battery packs for my devices. I have about five 0r six different ones in different packs and even one on my keychain. Portable battery packs aren’t really something to get excited about, but I happened to come across one on Kickstarter that caught my attention. The product is called Dark Energy Reservoir; praised mainly for the size and the power capacity it can hold, which is a whopping 8000mAh with the same dimension as an iPhone 4.  Let me translate 8000mAh for you: it can charge your iPhone 5 five times before dying, or your iPad Mini 1.5 times.  I have two Morphie Juice Pack that are roughly about the same size and only holds half the power. Also comes with two USB charging port that can charge two devices at the same time. Another bonus is the battery pack can hold it’s charge up to one year before needing another boost.


You can back this project HERE. Price: $69




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