Cocoon SLIM Backpack Review

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Cocoon SLIM Backpack Review

Finding a good bag for all your gear is almost as important as picking the right pair of pants.

DSC03076Too big, and you have too much extra room and extra weight. Too small, and you will not be able to fit anything. Just like pants, there isn’t just one pair for every occasion and there isn’t a backpack for every need. Like good pair of pants, there is going to be one that you will want to wear every day. So let me introduce to you the backpack that I currently use every day. 

Better known for their Cocoon GRID IT organizing sleeves, Cocoon has released an innovative backpack that combines a slim form factor and their grid elastic organizing approach. A well constructed backpack made with water-resistant ballistic nylon and waterproof zippers. The backpack has three compartments – one for laptop and/or a full size tablet, the GRID IT compartment, and one zipper pocket in the front; good for storing wires and charging block.




DSC03087The laptop section is suede lined with a good layer or padding to keep the laptop protected from outer environments. The neat part is the GRID IT compartment, has a hard board that the elastics stay on and also double as a protection for the laptop. So if you happen to drop your bag on one of its corners, it will hit the surrounding corner of the board instead of your laptop. You can fit a laptop that is 15 inches or less in the laptop pocket and a full size tablet in the tablet sleeve in front of it. I was able to fit a 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina along with an iPad Mini and a Dell Venue Pro 11 with the keyboard, all in the same compartment. There was not much room after that section, but there is plenty more room for storage with the GRID IT mesh.


With the dimensions of the GRID IT itself at 10.5” x 16”, you can store any combination of electronics, gear or wires. Here is a sample of the mesh compartment being filled up. I do not usually carry all of this stuff with me all the time, but when I need to, I can.

IMG_4604The elastics are strong and can securely hold on to your stuff without slipping while walking down the block or when you need to sprint to the bus stop.

Things you might like


What makes this a winner over traditional backpack with pockets and compartments, is the fact that you can carry things vertically, while keeping everything organized and easy to find. The fold of the GRID IT zips down all the way, letting you get to the bottom without having to “dig”.  Since it is slim, it stays close to your body making it very comfortable to wear. The mesh back cushion makes it very breathable on your back. I was able to put a external battery for my phone and wire it under the GRID IT and make a charging area for my phone and camera. Which was pretty darn cool.

Things you might not like

Because it is a slim form backpack, there is not much room for anything too big such as a water bottle or anything in that size. You can probably get away with a really small bottle, but it will cause the backpack to be a bit lumpy. The pack can be slightly heavier than other slim backpacks due to the GRID IT board mentioned above, but it is not that big of a trade off being able to organize everything neatly and securely. The waterproof zippers can catch sometimes,  but everyone knows how to get out of that one, right?

(You reverse.)

There are other great slim backpacks out there and you can essentially add one of the Cocoon’s GRID IT to an existing bag, but this one  combines best of both worlds and gets the job done. In the end, it all boils down to what you feel comfortable carrying around and having on your back. You can find this bag at Cocoon’s website or at your local Apple Retail Store for $79.99.


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