5 Tips for Seasoned Travelers.

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5 Tips for Seasoned Travelers.

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.”

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. Statistics shows 55% of Americans are planning to travel this year; a 10% increase compared to last year. It really shows our economy is starting to turn around. With that being said, flights will also increase by 5-10% compared to last year’s ticket prices. If you’re planning to be a part of the 55%, here are a few tips to help you save some time and a few extra bucks you could be spending elsewhere.


1. Timing is key

Booking your flights a few weeks earlier prior to your trip has always been standard in saving big money, and is still the best way to save money on your flight. But do you know what days in the week are best to save you an extra 5% off your flight? If you said Tuesday or Wednesday morning, you’re incorrect (granted, Tuesdays and Wednesday are still better than Monday and Thursday). Airlines are now recognizing the norm and has change the game up and are now pushing better deals onto weekends. This gives airlines a better edge against other competitions and every airlines and travel agencies will eventually catch up to this. So now you can avoid losing sleep on those early mornings trying to book a cheaper flight.



2. Lighter load, lighter on the pocket

One day, we will be able to tell the younger generations the good old days when checking in your two 65lb luggage was free. Yes, FREE. As of present, domestic airlines are charging an average of $25 dollars (average price for an additional bag is $35) a bag with the average weight at 45lb or less. Effectively costing you $50 per person for a round trip. The best way to spare yourself the fee is by only flying with a carry on. For some people, this might seem impossible. But hey, let me tell you, it’s VERY possible. I’ve traveled internationally on a two week trip to Vietnam on nothing but a carry on and a backpack. The way how I was able to pack for the two weeks was simple, I packed enough clothes one week and found a place I could wash my clothes and wear them again. You can essentially pack less if you can cycle(wash and wear) your clothes more times. You can wash your clothes anywhere in the world. For colder destinations, bring pack lighter clothes such as long sleeves shirts and limit to one jacket or sweater. You can layer yourself everyday and stay very warm. To help with packing, I recommend using eBags Packing Cubes. They help compress your clothes and help you stay organized. When arriving at your stay, just take out the packing cubes and throw them into the dresser. When packing, throw them back in your luggage and you’re done! You can find eBags products on Amazon. Price: $22


Hotel Bell

3. Freebies you didn’t know about

When booking flights, rental cars, and hotels, you want to get yourself to a representative or an actual person that can help you; and let me tell you why. Majority of the time, these people have the power of saving you money or give you freebies and all you have to do is just ask. Airlines occasionally have promotions online that you would have to search for and you can get the deal, but I find it much easier to just call and ask. They will try their best to make you happy and will find you a deal. I’ve once asked for discounts on a rental car and was able to save $20/day for a four day trip in Hawaii. They also offered free coupons for dinner cruises and shows and gave me great tips on places to visit and to eat. After all, they are locals in the areas. For hotels, ask the front desk if they can bump your room up a room with a view, or anything better than the one they’re offering. I have been able to get nicer rooms with better amenities such as bigger bathrooms or nicer views.

4. No metal, no fuss

Security screenings at airport can be a drag for many, especially if you are stuck behind someone holding up the line. So to not be “that person”, remove any metal items and place them in your carry on before getting in line. As soon as you get pass the first checkpoint, the security checking your flight and I.D., put your phone, wallet, and anything else into your bag to avoid putting them into those grey containers. This avoids you having to put them back in your pocket while juggling to put your shoes, jacket, and belt back on. Plus, it will keep your stuff safe tucked in your bag rather then out in the open. Get yourself out of the line and put your items back in your pocket.

5. Got you covered

Another great freebie is from your credit card company. Almost all credit companies have free travel insurance for car rentals, lost or stolen items, and anything else involving your stuff. You can save a ton by opting out on covering the rental car with their insurance. Of course, some have limits and some will offer rates from free to $25 (Amex) your entire trip. Check with your credit card company on the terms and agreement.


Final Note

The best way to really save money is to enjoy, relax, and have a great time on your trip. The only thing worst than overpaying for something is to not feel like your on vacation. Look for deals, but don’t be afraid to splurge a little either. Remember to leave your worries behind and forget about the real world; cause we all know that’s just around the corner also.



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